If the information on TTMJ does not answer all your questions, or the programming I offer on PowerAthlete and JohnnieWOD does not meet your specific needs, you can contact me about personalized programming, phone consultations, online coaching or nutrition counseling.

I usually always have about 2-6 personal clients following variations of the our training programs and body composition projects. I design custom variations of my training programs to meet your specific goals. Reach out about your program, your diet, your progress or whatever else you want to know. Longer programs or yearly cycles will be priced accordingly and on an individual basis.

I have designed programs for NFL players, Olympic weightlifters, CrossFit games competitors, Olympic athletes, pro & amateur MMA fighters and many other athletes.

Send an email to raven@powerathletehq.com with the subject line “Consult“ if you want more information to get started. Remember, a program is only as good as the effort you put in, so don’t waste time or money by not putting in the effort. 

If you want to just go ahead with the consult without all the foreplay – follow this link.


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