Talk To Me Johnnie

The personal blog of John Welbourn, 9-Year NFL starter and CEO of Power Athlete Inc.

Talk To Me Johnnie

Talk To Me Johnnie is the personal blog of John Welbourn, 10-Year NFL Veteran and CEO of Power Athlete inc.


It’s a long road…

John...Not sure if you have answered this question before, but where does the Talk To Me Johnnie tagline, "It's a long road" come from?... The original Rambo was one of Stallone's greatest works and one of my favorite movie. He plays a pivotal character for the time when the movie was made. The loner fighting against the establishment, refusing to conform to societies pressures and generally kicking ass for the 2 hours.

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Bulking Protocol – Part 2

For the second installment of the Bulking Protocol, we are going to outline the "how much?" portion of the method. If you are reading this, there is a good chance you are interested in putting on size or at the very least understand how it can be done with good results. Many ask, how do I increase the number on the scale without a massive increase in my waistline?...

9/11 Remembrance

As we got ready in pre-game, I don't remember anything but quiet and whispering voices. It was as if New York was the stage, the Giants were America's star and we just the poor guy who had to take a fall in the third act...

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