I have been using the CrossFit Football template for my high school football team for almost a year now. I saw that you were no longer posting your workouts and began looking elsewhere. I was talking with a friend of mine about it and he informed me that you were emailing the CrossFit Football workouts to people who asked for them. If this were true I would love to continue the CrossFit Football [...]

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What CrossFit Football Taught Me

"CrossFit Football was a completely separate, different animal. Here was a CrossFit branded training program with a periodized strength template coupled with short, heavy, hard, and fast conditioning workouts mixed with sprints and change of direction...People fucking ate it up."

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Talk To Me Johnnie: The eBook

I owe a lot to Talk To Me Johnnie and assembling it into an eBook with unreleased material and commentary has been rewarding and enjoyable. I have learned a lot form writing this work and my thoughts have evolved since writing much of this; I have tried to make this corrections. If you have some time and want to pick up the book, it is roughly a 1000 pages depending on how you view it...

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Gaining Serious Muscle, Seriously?

Dear Johnnie, I am 22 years old, 5'8" and a half, and 168 pounds. I am approximately 14 percent body fat. I am looking to lose fat, while also gaining some serious lean muscle. CF Football seems to be a great way to gain muscle, but I am a little worried I won't lose very much fat. Obviously that is hard for you to answer given that everyone is different, but it would [...]

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Bulking Protocol – Part 3

That really depends on what you are training for and your goals. But since this series is called The Bulking Protocol it is safe to assume you are reading with the goal of putting on muscle and size. I favor the more frequent meal model, as it is the only way for me to consume enough calories over the course of the day using high quality food sources...

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A Few More Things I Learned…

The list of 42 had a profound effect on me this year. Whenever I encountered a challenge or crossroads, I tried to apply what I knew and see if the event would reshape my point of view. 2013 might have been one of the most difficult and trying years in my last 37. The joy of having children has added a layer I could never of expected...

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Earn Your Carbs

If your training looks like 6-12 training sessions a week involving lifting weights, high intensity interval training, sprinting and plethora of other movements performed at high intensity, then you should not be eating a low carb diet or restricting calories for that matter. The primary energy source for the second energy system, the lactic anaerobic (anaerobic glycolytic) is glucose; all carbohydrates entering the body are converted to glucose. This is the system most tapped into when running 800 meters, performing HITT or CrossFit style workouts. While fats can act as a source of fuel, certain cells, like those of the brain and blood, rely almost exclusively on glucose for energy...

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Golf, Sport & CFFB

Whether golf is a sport or match does not take away from the fact that participants can benefit from being strong, better conditioned and more explosive. A solid strength and conditioning base can pay dividends usually reserved from sports played on the field, pitch or ice. Universally, increasing an athlete’s ability to generate force will aid in driving the ball farther as it would decreasing a 40 yard sprint time. Creating a strong base and correct posture by placing a heavy barbell on your back during squatting will result in an improved ability to hit the ball as it would to hitting an opponent...

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