Dear Mr. Welbourn, I lack what you referred to in PA Radio 174 as a "mean streak". I'm not prone to violence and am soft spoken. In your years of experience, did you encounter football players who didn't typically have a mean streak, but found a way to channel aggression for sport? If so, what was their solution? If not, what would you recommend for someone like me try to "find" a mean [...]

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FORM Lifting: Use The Force

When I first started training with weights, I was obsessed with the practice of moving a weight or object from point A to point B in as short a period of time as possible. The ability to move an object faster in the weight room translated to football field better than anything short of learning to anticipate the snap count - I defined this as power. Power as you know is found in [...]

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Cougars & Football

I'm an assistant football coach at Kean University. I coach the defensive life and am involved with strength and conditioning program. This spring and summer, I incorporated much of your programming from the website into the football program. The kids love it and really pushed themselves. Yesterday, we upset the #3 team in the nation in a nail biter...

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Emerald Isle Adventures

The next morning we jump in the car to head to Belfast. The drive to Belfast was eventful as we speed up there to meet Craig who had flown in from Glasgow. We ended up having lunch and dinner at the same restaurant, Made in Belfast. They turn out to have some great food and solid drink menu. After spending several hours eating and drinking we decided to navigate to the hotel...

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Reflections on Men, Women, Violence & Football

Violence is one of the great riddles of the male sphinx. And football, for a lot of teenage guys, is how they learn to solve it. (In other parts of the world, it's rugby. Or armed robbery.) Blame testosterone—that strange ineluctable whatzit that rises up inside you (if you're male) during puberty, insinuates itself into your psyche like a menacing twin, tries to take you over or at least wrestle you down into the blood and muck. Call it: The zombie in the pudding. Out of the sweetness of youth it comes. And just keeps coming. And it wants to eat your brain...

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100% again…

Hi John - I have been playing football for the past seven years, and I just want to say that your programming has put me in way better shape now than I was when playing college ball. I played college football my first two years of college, and upon graduating last year, I had not played since. I decided that I had so much love for the game - I trained everyday for 7 months, [...]

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