I have been using the CrossFit Football template for my high school football team for almost a year now. I saw that you were no longer posting your workouts and began looking elsewhere. I was talking with a friend of mine about it and he informed me that you were emailing the CrossFit Football workouts to people who asked for them. If this were true I would love to continue the CrossFit Football program for my players.

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing back.




You are correct; CrossFit Football is no more. The URL redirect might have been a dead give away, the email campaign or even this very blog. I have split the CrossFit Football brand into a few pieces to make it easier for the consumer to navigate and more specific to your needs.

Lets start with the nature of your question – the program. CrossFit Football started in 2009 as a resource and training program for power athletes wanting to do a strength and power heavy program. CrossFit had cornered the market on fitness and they needed an ally to help the dominant the power/strength field. We joined forces, launched CrossFit Football and start converting people to planned strength program mixed with short, hard, glycolytic heavy workouts. The goal was to push strength and the glycolytic energy system with a heavy dose of lactic acid to drive adaptation.

In 2011, I started Power Athlete after a TTMJ post and a couple of years later I put out my training program called Field Strong. I wanted to offer a more comprehensive training program and Field Strong was that program. I felt the market wanted more than what I was providing on CrossFit Football. While many did, many did not want the intricate warm ups, multi faceted training with strength, speed, plyometric, conditioning and focused trunk work. Many people just wanted the simple structure of a compound movement mixed with a sub 15 minute mixed modal workout. Therefore, I kept both programs as the CrossFit Football seminar was still actively working with athletes around the globe.

A few months ago, I was contacted by CrossFit HQ about rebranding the CrossFit Football seminar to encompass a name more representative to what I was teach. CrossFit Specialty Seminar – Sports Specific Application was born and I we structured the seminar accordingly. I was excited, after teaching the same message for 8 years, we need a new direction. I would periodically make changes to the seminar to keep evolving and learning but a name change was never on the table. Anyone who attended a CFFB seminar in 2009 would hardly recognize the 2016 course. We had evolved the course to instruct coaches and athletes how to use my training system to maximize performance for athletes. Now it was time to change the name to match the curriculum.

Once the decision had been made, I needed a way to help those following the CFFB program via the website to to their designated places. Power Athlete had a host of successful training programs like Field Strong, Jacked Street and Grindstone. These are the cornerstone of what I teach; while each one is unique in offering, they are all connected in methodology.

Field Strong is a comprehensive athletic training program. Each day is designed to maximize your athleticism by increasing strength, speed and power. We focus on perfection of movement and building primal proficiency to improve upon your skill set and make you a better athlete.

Jacked Street is a straight up bodybuilding program. The goal is simple – bigger, strong organisms by incorporating what I had learned over the years to just get “jacked”.

Grindstone is the “corporate raider” program. This is for the executives, expecting fathers and those with heavy workloads needing flexibility in their program. It consists of mandatory, recommended and optional days to meet your specific needs.

But what about those that just wanted to train hard, bang some weight and look the part?

A program with no fluffs, no foreplay, just down and dirty and ready for action?

Johnnie WOD

I took the best from CrossFit Football and created Johnnie WOD…minus the performance narrative.

My other programs are performance driven. JWOD is just about getting the WOD on, training heavy and hard while having more fun then you thought was possible with your clothes on.


So where does that leave your demographic of young athletes needing a foundation program to make them better?


I created a program code named “Bedrock” to meet the demands of my amateur athletes. Similar to the CrossFit Football amateur program, it will follow a linear progression with strength and skills. I will ask you to master a basic primal movements and as strength and competency builds, I add complexity.

Bedrock is defined as, “solid rock underlying loose deposits such as soil or alluvium and the fundamental principles on which something is based.” Seemed like a more than fitting name for a program designed to lay a solid foundation on which to build.

So your buddy told you I would send you the old CrossFit Football workouts?

Sorry to disappoint, but let me see if I can ease the pain. Bedrock has a 4 week free trail to let you experience the correct program for your athletes at the proper time.

Training is as much timing as it is sets, reps and exercise selection. You have to use the right program at the right time in athlete’s training life cycle to reap all the benefits we need to maximize an athlete’s potential. Using too advanced a program too early, will not produce the gains we need and keep driving adaptation over time. Too simple a program will not produce the training stimulus we need  and hinder athletic performance.

Bedrock is the foundational program your athletes need.

Click here to sign up for your free trail.