Herpes on a First Date

Hello John, Just found your presentation on YouTube, very interesting. I am a strength equipment design engineer. I invented the 1st weight stack machine allowing for anytime weight change, without touching the pin or stopping the exercise. I have a few patents and a number of advanced strength machine concepts that go beyond what is on the conventional market;  I am a big fan of the philosophy "if you want become more functional [...]

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What Numbers Don’t Tell

John, I will be attendi­ng and doing spring football workouts at UIW in San Antonio, Texas. I am a 22-year-old freshman with no guaranteed spot on the team as I am a hoping to walk on, but I have faith. I would like to play wide receiver or will at least try to be. My father was a talented running back in high school but got involved with the wrong crowd and went [...]

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Dear Mom

I am a mother of a 12-year old football player. He's in 6th grade and currently in training for his first tackle team for the spring season. He has been playing flag for the past 4-5 years; he used to partake in CrossFit and had some one-on-one training in lifting and running technique from our previous CrossFit and Olympic Lifting Coach in California...

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Bulking Protocol – Part 1

Thanks for emailing me. I was not being sarcastic about contacting me about how to put on size and muscle and more specifically my bulking protocol. The Power Athlete Bulking Protocol is easy to follow and has always resulted in a bigger, stronger, more muscular athletes. Where we have succeeded, and others failed, is consistency...

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You can take the best minds in the world when it comes to program design, the best equipment and the location and the still not the see the results of a single coach in a home garage gym with a barbell. Every program whether it be BFS, CrossFit Football’s Power Athlete, Westside, Wendler’s 5-3-1 or Starting Strength is only as good as the implementation by the coach or athlete and how well as the athlete’s dedication to the program...

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I want to thank you for the programming. I don't play football, but I did reap the benefits of your training today. I caught a guy breaking into my truck and trying to steal my dog and guitar this afternoon. WTF! I sprinted over and leapt while kicking the door into his body and then preceded to beat him mercilessly and finally, power clean and body slam him into a wall. Without your program, I wouldn't have been able to do what had to be done; sprinting, jumping, beating down was just another DWOD. Now I am going to have some tequila...

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