What Numbers Don’t Tell

John, I will be attendi­ng and doing spring football workouts at UIW in San Antonio, Texas. I am a 22-year-old freshman with no guaranteed spot on the team as I am a hoping to walk on, but I have faith. I would like to play wide receiver or will at least try to be. My father was a talented running back in high school but got involved with the wrong crowd and went [...]

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Low Testosterone, Cortisol & CrossFit

Johnnie, I need some advice; an athlete of mine was recently told that his low testosterone readings at his general health check-up could be a result of his “metcons”. The argument was that his “metcons” are raising his cortisol levels and lowering his testosterone levels.  Would putting this athlete on the amateur program coupled with shorter “metcons” (in the 7-12 min range) be an appropriate course of action or suggestion? Thanks! Katie S. [...]

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Johnnie WOD

At my CrossFit Level 1 in Santa Cruz in 2008, I remember hearing Dave Castro and Nicole Carroll drop “WOD” into their cornucopia of buzzwords alongside “constantly varied”, “functional movements”, and “high intensity”. Like a gentle breeze, it passed over my head with nary a second thought. [chimpy_form forms="1"]   Then I heard it a few more times throughout the day, like when they mentioned how Brian Chontosh “WOD’d” three times, amidst awe-laden [...]

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What CrossFit Football Taught Me

"CrossFit Football was a completely separate, different animal. Here was a CrossFit branded training program with a periodized strength template coupled with short, heavy, hard, and fast conditioning workouts mixed with sprints and change of direction...People fucking ate it up."

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CrossFit Football for CrossFit

John...Let me first say, I love the site and the seminar. I was at your CFFB seminar last year and learned for than I could process. I was really excited about the program and have had great results with our high school athletes and people training for the CrossFit Games. My only issue is implementing it on a mass scale with our general population. I find two lifts and a short metcon take more time than most of our general population CrossFitters have. I should have asked you while I was at the cert but didn’t dawn on me till I got home. How would you structure the program in a general CrossFit setting?...

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2011 Recap

This is my recap for 2011. This past year has seen a lot of growth and we are excited for 2012. Talk To Me Johnnie is heading into another year and CrossFit Football made it into it’s third year. Just like last year, we have decided to make the last post of 2011 a recap. Enjoy....

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Future Games Competitor

Johnnie, as a future Games competitor, I wanted your opinion on how many days do you think I should do Crossfit Football. I train in a garage in Florida and I want to show the world, that although affiliates are GREAT, you can get it done in your garage WITH ONLY CROSSFIT PROGRAMMING. I currently follow main site but I want to get much stronger so I just want your opinion...

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Hey Guys, Just wondering why there are no muscle-ups in the CrossFit Football programming? I've heard that if you can do heavy weighted pull-ups (like 100 extra pounds) then you can do a muscle up no problem but I don't know if this is true. Does this have anything to do with the program doing a ton of weighted pull-ups and chin ups? Thanks, Jay Jay, before I go threw the reasons you [...]

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