Dextrose is the name of a simple sugar chemically identical to glucose (blood sugar) that is made from corn. In many cases dextrose is used in food products as a sweetener, but it also is used extensively for medical purposes. Since dextrose is a “simple” sugar, the body can use it rapidly for energy...

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Talk To Me Johnnie: The eBook

I owe a lot to Talk To Me Johnnie and assembling it into an eBook with unreleased material and commentary has been rewarding and enjoyable. I have learned a lot form writing this work and my thoughts have evolved since writing much of this; I have tried to make this corrections. If you have some time and want to pick up the book, it is roughly a 1000 pages depending on how you view it...

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Gaining Serious Muscle, Seriously?

Dear Johnnie, I am 22 years old, 5'8" and a half, and 168 pounds. I am approximately 14 percent body fat. I am looking to lose fat, while also gaining some serious lean muscle. CF Football seems to be a great way to gain muscle, but I am a little worried I won't lose very much fat. Obviously that is hard for you to answer given that everyone is different, but it would [...]

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8 Mile

As I worked with A-Rabbit every morning at 6 AM the goal was always the same. Prepare yourself so that when the situation arises you can throw the right pitch or throw a strike for the save. Even if that day never comes, at least you can look back and realize you did everything could to be ready when greatness came knocking...

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RDL vs Stiff Leg Deadlift

I teach HS weight training & often use the RDL in workouts. Our football strength coach, who works with many of the same kids after school, has them doing straight-legged deadlifts. He follows a more traditional bodybuilding type program (chest & back, shoulders, legs, bis & tris), so we tend to work against each other. A few weeks ago we had a “discussion” about the RDL vs. straight-legged deadlift, among other things...

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Dear Mom

I am a mother of a 12-year old football player. He's in 6th grade and currently in training for his first tackle team for the spring season. He has been playing flag for the past 4-5 years; he used to partake in CrossFit and had some one-on-one training in lifting and running technique from our previous CrossFit and Olympic Lifting Coach in California...

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Lessons Learned

John – Love the TTMJ blog. I know it hasn’t been updated in a while, but I was wondering if John might be doing another ‘Things I Learned’ post for 2014. Loved the previous two, so insightful!...

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Bulking in a Bind

I have been following Field Strong and the Bulking Protocol and making great gains but I am having trouble find protein sources when traveling and away from home. If I am lucky enough to prepare my snacks, I survive on cold meat loaf and chicken...

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Bulking Protocol – Part 3

That really depends on what you are training for and your goals. But since this series is called The Bulking Protocol it is safe to assume you are reading with the goal of putting on muscle and size. I favor the more frequent meal model, as it is the only way for me to consume enough calories over the course of the day using high quality food sources...

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Mom & Raw Milk

I have an 18-year-old son who plays high school football. He does not expect that he will play college football since he is 5'9". He is however very broad and has a large frame. He would like to get stronger and more physical. He is interested in the diet you propose that consists of raw milk. I am uncomfortable with this recommendation...

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