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A rep maximum (RM) in weight training is the maximum amount of weight on can lift for a given number of repetitions on THAT day during THAT workout. If the workout calls for a 5 rep maximum in the squat, that means 5 squat reps at the heaviest weight possible. If you can only do 4 reps, then you went too heavy and now know your 4 RM. If you can do 6 reps, then you did not go heavy enough...

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In-Season vs Off-Season

CrossFit Football is a strength & conditioning program designed for power athletes. These athletes use the CrossFit Football program to compete in their chosen sport. Since most contact sports are not played year around, we have designed an In-Season program for athletes that are in practicing and competing in their sports. The Off-Season programming is for those athletes that are in their off-season and/or not in the midst of competing their sports...

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REPOST: 2010 Recap

TTMJ started with a simple objective. To work through the volume questions I received about the program, nutrition and life. The problem is...many of the questions I receive are repeats and things I have already addressed. Instead of reading all 100+ blog posts and gathering information, people will shoot off an email asking something that has already been dealt with...

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Be Smart

I happened last Tues doing OHS. The gym here is somewhat of a “globo” gym, so they don't have anything like bumper plates, or anything CrossFit related. The rack is too wide to set your hands for OHS right out of the rack.  So we'll just take it off in a rack position, set our hands, jerk it overhead, do the reps, and either bring it back to rack position, or drop the [...]

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