Herpes on a First Date

Hello John, Just found your presentation on YouTube, very interesting. I am a strength equipment design engineer. I invented the 1st weight stack machine allowing for anytime weight change, without touching the pin or stopping the exercise. I have a few patents and a number of advanced strength machine concepts that go beyond what is on the conventional market;  I am a big fan of the philosophy "if you want become more functional [...]

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Coffee & Guns

Dear John...I was wondering if you could give us more info and details on what it was like to train with the Zangas crew. What was their training week/split like? Did they periodize their training? Did he have you train differently since you were a football player and not a lifter or because you were younger? I have looked but I haven’t found a lot out there about his programming or training. As always thanks for your time and the great site and info...

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Deadlifts & Viagra

Hey John, Love the program and thank you for what you do for us.  I was a collegiate rower over a decade ago, but since then have given up the long steady-state work and have fallen in love with strength training.  I’ve been on the Amateur program for about 1 year now and I’ve been making good strides in my overall strength.  But I know I have a weak link…my lower back (and [...]

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