I always get asked what is up with Phil Collin’s song, “In The Air Tonight” and the NFL. I have no idea who or why the stadiums started playing this song, but once they do the mood of the game, team and crowd changes, instantly.

If you grew up in the 80’s and you weren’t a Miami Vice fan, it was probably because your mom thought it was too violent and didn’t let you watch. My Mom never had problems with my watching violence and I loved Miami Vice. When you 7 years old, what could be cooler than Ferraris, South Beach and guns? The two main cars, Ferrari Daytona and Testarossa, are still about two of the most rad cars ever produced.

The song was the opening theme music for the show, but it has taken on new life in many other venues over the years. Recently, in the Hang Over, with Mike Tyson doing a sing-a-long.

I can remember countless NFL night games right before kick off where this song would play. The energy would rise and the players would react and shit would get serious.

Such a simple, powerful song. It continues to elicit the same response from people today as it did almost 30 years ago.