Hey John and CFFB crew,

Thank you.  You have given so much with TTMJ and the CFFB site, it has had a profound impact on my life.  Suffice it to say I went from a 180#  off of traditional CF programming to 208# off of CFFB from August 2011 to the present.  My CFFB total has evolved from below 1000 lbs to 1335 lbs for the latest one on the site (Post-#OS Chicago), in which every single lift was a PR (PC 240, SQ 365, BP 230, DL 500).  Your site is an invaluable resource, and the shit works, period.  Thank you for giving us a small glimmer if what it is like to be “Welbourn Strong”.  I will be seeing you soon as I am bringing a group to get their cert’s at the Bloomington-Normal weekend.  

The picture is from this last weekend, CrossFit Farmland’s Fittest Farmhand Challenge drew 90 athletes to the small town of Waunakee, WI.  We messed around with heavy shit, flipping rail ties, pull-ups off of skidster forks, etc.  The scene in the photo is the notorious hill we use every year in some way, this year we made the athletes sprint up it with 4 hay bales as hurdles, twice.  Primarily our programming here at CFF is based on the Power Athlete template, and it showed in our athletes as the weights weren’t an issue.

Thanks again, 


occupy farmland#1


This is the culture we have worked to cultivate and the results of the programming we have hoped for. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication and I will see you in Bloomington-Normal in a few weeks. I am coming in solo on Friday for a meet and greet, to any answer questions you have and fix any problems.

Be well.