More praise for CrossFit Football, from regular CrossFit people…

Dear John, 

I am writing you in regards to a friend of mine and the success he has had using your program. (honestly he just isn’t the type to write in)

My friend just competed in the NW Regional for the Crossfit Games and came out of nowhere to take 5th place missing going to the big show by just a couple of points, being 34 he found out he was the old man of the bunch and really he only had one workout that wasn’t outstanding. Last fall we started using the CF Football programming to the letter (we are both CF Football Certified). No surprise we started hitting some impressive new marks on pretty much all of our lifts. So there we are are just doing our thing getting strong and drinking our whole milk and his wife twists our arms to do the sectional workouts for the games. So we get threw the first workout, strength is there but the lungs aren’t as expected. 

So my buddy spends the next 5 weeks gutting out and redoing these sectional workouts and eventually qualifies 45th place for the regional games which was a major accomplishment in itself.

What is important about this is by using CF Football it allowed for better periodization, tapering and peaking for competition. No one can stay on the razors edge of fitness all year long.  If Crossfit is your sport I think one of the ways to approach your year long training program is to use CFF as your strength base in the off season.  One of our complaints with regular CF programming is the high reps can really turn into over use injuries. With CF Football that isn’t really a problem. One side note even in the off season regular crossfitters to need to continue to develop the various skills (parlor tricks) but I think the various SWODs are right on the money.  Besides what is wrong with putting on 5-10 good pounds and 20% on your lifts in 4-5 months?!

Thanks for all you do.