Hello John ~ I am currently doing the words on the Train Heroic site and I am also getting some different sessions from you by email a little confused as to which sessions to use. I am a 60yr old ice hockey player in my off season and experienced with training CrossFit, Starting Strength and Wendler 5-3-1. I scale my training to my level due to a lot of miles on the old body joints. I enjoying Johnnie WOD immensely. Just want to clarify which sessions I should train with.

Richard B.

P.S. Your training is excellent!!


One of the many things we do at Power Athlete involves offering on-line training programs for coaches and athletes. These programs include Field Strong, Jacked Street, Grindstone, Bedrock, HAMR, ARMR and Third Monkey. On the Johnnie Brands side, I have Johnnie WOD and Johnnie BOD. While the Johnnie Brands has all the intelligence and precision of a Power Athlete program it is laced with humor and more innuendos than you can shake a stick at.

Each program fits a specific demographic I have identified since first launching an online training programs in 2009 with CrossFit Football.

In current times where our reality involves sheltering at home and quarantine many of our athletes don’t have access to gyms, weights, bars, bumpers, dumbbells and strength training equipment. And because I pride myself on being ahead of the curve, I made the decision to offer a free training program called Third Monkey that can be executed with about 50 dollars’ worth of gear that can be bought at any Home Depot or stuff you might have laying around the farm or ranch. This includes buckets, cinder blocks, bags of concrete, bands, straps and other odds and ends.

The reason I was able to be so agile with launching Third Monkey is because it was already developed. Over the last few years, we were engaged by the US Army’s 18 Airborne Corp and Texas National Guard to deliver training programs to their soldiers. One of the programs we were asked to design was an austere program. The program had to be equipment agnostic and could be done with what was available – water cans, ammo cans, gas cans, cinder blocks and what was available in the soldier’s load out like a plate carrier and ruck sack.

Even though, the Third Monkey program was created, implemented and tested over the last few years, I didn’t see a need to sell it on the commercial market because of the HAMR and ARMR programs. The HAMR program stands for the Holistic Athlete Movement Readiness program and is Power Athlete’s comprehensive training program for today’s warfighters.  ARMR is the strength and conditioning program we designed for the US Army so soldiers can smash the Army’s new ACFT. Enter 2020 and the COVID-19 virus the results in the closing of gyms and sheltering in place and the market looked very different.

Knowing that our current athletes following one of our programs like Field Strong, Jacked Street, Grindstone or in your case, Johnnie WOD might not have access to a gym, I launched Third Monkey and dropped it onto all of Power Athlete’s current training calendars free of charge as a viable option in the case you don’t have a garage gym or access to weights.

If you have a gym in your garage and weights at home, carry on as usual. If you go to a commercial gym or local box and are now quarantining, hit Home Depot, buy the necessary gear and follow the Third Money program that is loaded on your Train Heroic calendar. No need to subscribe to a new program, just keep following your current training program.

If you are interested in signing up for Third Monkey, can you check on the link below and sign up for the free training programed emailed daily.

Third Monkey

If you want to incorporate Train Heroic into Third Monkey you can find it in the Train Heroic marketplace.