I have been following the Power Athlete Bulking Protocol and I am having trouble getting the fat and protein requirements when I am on the go.  Aside from stopping at Wendy’s or Burger King every few hours for burger patties, what do you recommend?

Thanks for your help, your resources have helped me to meet my training goals.  I will see you at another seminar in 2014. 

Louis K. 


After I released the second part of the Power Athlete Bulking Protocol, I got more than a few messages asking how to meet the macro requirements when on the go at work or at school. The biggest problems people have encountered are making good food selections on the lower carb days, not getting caught in a pinch without food and then having to overeat to make up for it.

The riddle to making the PABP effective, is never getting caught without food. To make sure this doesn’t happen, you need to focus on preparation.  Most nights before bed, we load the slow cooker pot with a beef shoulder, a few bones, water, salt and root vegetables.  When cooking dinner, I alway make extra and when cleaning up I pack them in glass containers so when I leave the next morning I can grab a container and go. But sometimes, my day extends and I am left without food and I have to make a decision.  Do I cruise the In-N-Out drive through for meat patties or rely on something else?

In years past, my food to “bridge the gap” was beef jerky.  This fundamental need is what lead to the starting of Well Food Company and the different type of jerky we offer.  I remember a conversation my wife and I had when she saw me eating jerky with spoonfuls of coconut oil.  I was on a low carb/off day and she asked if that was a good combination.  It actually tasted pretty good and met the needs of my macros for the day.

Being the smart women I married, she started working on a protein/fat/ketogenic bar to meet the needs of athletes on the low carb days or on a low carb diet.


Fast forward a few months and and the launch of the Well Food Company Carne Coconut Bar with 14 grams of fat and 17.3 grams of protein.

• 100% Grass-fed Beef
• Grazed & Made in the USA
• Organic coconut butter & organic cacao nibs
• No added hormones
• No Soy
• No Wheat
• No Gluten
• No preservatives
• Less than 1 gram of sugar
• Ingredients:  Grass-fed beef, organic raw coconut butter, organic raw cacao nibs, organic apple butter, unrefined sea salt, organic black pepper, celery powder, organic garlic powder, organic cayenne, starter culture.

These bars are currently my favorite WFC offering and they make sure I never get caught without something to eat during my off days.