Reflections in Iron: Mike Webster – Starting Strength

I’ve been asked from time to time about the training methods of my father, Mike Webster of the Pittsburgh Steelers. This is recollection will, of course, be colored by the lens of youth, and for the life of me I can’t remember the exact poundages or set/rep schemes he used for the most part, having been so small that my own workouts alongside him consisted of straining to deadlift the empty curl bar...

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Rehabilitation After an ACL Surgery

John, Thanks for the site and CrossFit Football. I have been following the training on and off for the 2 years with great results. I recently tore my ACL while competing in MMA and know you have experience with rehabbing back to full strength. I know my doctor has a conservative timeline for recovery, can you a more aggressive one?...

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Reflections on Men, Women, Violence & Football

Violence is one of the great riddles of the male sphinx. And football, for a lot of teenage guys, is how they learn to solve it. (In other parts of the world, it's rugby. Or armed robbery.) Blame testosterone—that strange ineluctable whatzit that rises up inside you (if you're male) during puberty, insinuates itself into your psyche like a menacing twin, tries to take you over or at least wrestle you down into the blood and muck. Call it: The zombie in the pudding. Out of the sweetness of youth it comes. And just keeps coming. And it wants to eat your brain...

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Is Football Good For Rugby?

The Football site launched the night of 3. 31.2009 and my inbox exploded. Two emails stick out in my head from the 2000+ emails I received, one from Daz of CrossFit Newcastle in Newcastle, Australia and the other from not so happy CrossFitter. Daz's interest was in the programming and making tweaks to adapt it to rugby. I loved it...

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Iowa Football & Rhabdo

Hey John, Did you hear about the recent case of rhabdomyolysis at the University of Iowa? I was curious as one of the players said he had to "squat 240lbs for 100 reps and it was timed." 13 players were affected and I was just hoping that with your experience you might be able to shed some light on why this type of training is beneficial for D1 football players at this point in the off-season...

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Stingers and a Strong Physique

I have a client playing college football for Montana next year.  He has had issues with stingers any suggestions to help with those. I am thinking heavy farmers walks and deadlifts. Maybe some bridge work. Any suggestions would be helpful. He is playing tight end. Thanks, Jake For those you that have never played contact sports or were not privy to bone crushing hits on a daily basis, a stinger or burner is [...]

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100% again…

Hi John - I have been playing football for the past seven years, and I just want to say that your programming has put me in way better shape now than I was when playing college ball. I played college football my first two years of college, and upon graduating last year, I had not played since. I decided that I had so much love for the game - I trained everyday for 7 months, [...]

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Take a Deep Breath…

Hey John, I love the new Talk To Me Johnnie.  I'm not sure if my question is web appropriate, but I broke my second metatarsal in my right foot all the way through, and I have stress fractures in my left foot and left tibia.  Needless to say, I'm up shit's creek.  I know we always hear stories about pro athletes healing in just a few weeks or coming back from major injuries [...]

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