Eric Devine forwarded me this article written by David Corbett called Zombie in the Pudding. For those of you unfamiliar with Eric, he is a high school teacher from upstate NY who is a regular follower of CF Football and just so happens to be a type 1 diabetic. You can check out a piece he wrote called, “Why I Eat Like A Caveman.”



“The reason so many women, smart women in particular, have such lousy taste in men is because they fundamentally don’t get football. I don’t mean they should watch it more, pretend to like it more than they do, or tune in to NFL Playbook and bone up on the trapping game or the two-deep zone.  (Though, on reflection: Could it hurt?) I mean women don’t actually get why teenage boys want to play the game, and what lessons it’s can teach you if you’re open to them. Admittedly, sometimes the lessons don’t sink in. Men are wildly imperfect. Sadly, that may be the most interesting thing about us. This all came to me when a woman friend, who’s a huge New York Giants fan, told me she’d caught some serious grief from other women for being into football. ‘It’s so violent,’ they complained. My friend replied, ‘Well, yeah, but it’s also really graceful at times—you know, like ballet.’…”

This is my favorite part.

“…Violence is one of the great riddles of the male sphinx. And football, for a lot of teenage guys, is how they learn to solve it. (In other parts of the world, it’s rugby. Or armed robbery.) Blame testosterone—that strange ineluctable whatzit that rises up inside you (if you’re male) during puberty, insinuates itself into your psyche like a menacing twin, tries to take you over or at least wrestle you down into the blood and muck. Call it: The zombie in the pudding. Out of the sweetness of youth it comes. And just keeps coming. And it wants to eat your brain…”