I found your site via Robb Wolf’s blog, and glad I did. As I was searching your posts, I found one called “It is better to burn out that fade away”. You talked about training for the athlete who might be slightly older than your normal CrossFit Football demographic. Do you have specific programming for older athletes? And recently you commented on one of Robb’s posts about getting your test levels checked. Any thoughts on a supplement routine that might help an older athlete gain some muscle and not fade away?

Red Forman

CFFB488 #1

A few years ago a client asked to me put together a program for the “well seasoned” athlete. We dubbed the program, CFFB488.

*The name comes from the 88 Plan started by the NFLPA. It is a program designed to assist players who are vested under the Retirement Plan and who are determined to have dementia.

We have Amateur, Collegiate, Professional and the 88 Plan.

We have had several clients outside of the normal CFFB demographic use the CFFB488 program with great success. The program is based on the premise that the older athlete might not be able to recover as quickly as the younger athlete. In light of this, we have to be smart with our volume and intensity. As you know, too much of either one could break a man down. We need a solid game plan.

Workout A – Lower Intensity
Focus Lift:
Work up to a 3 RM (choose one of the following, rotate each week)
Front Squat
Rack Pulls (bottom of knee)
BB Step Up
BB Lunge
Good Morning

Accessory #1:
DB Step Ups w/ 18”-20” box – 3-4 x 15 (each leg)
Walking DB Lunges – 4-6 x 25-40 yards
4-8 50-yard Sled Drags (Forward & Reverse)

Accessory #2
BB/DB Curls – 3 x 10-12 reps
BB/DB Reverse Curls – 3 x 10-12 reps
Accessory #3
Shoulder Rehab done with isometric holds
Alternating Low Back/ Trunk Work (no rest)
Reverse Hypers
Full Glute Ham Raises
Sit Ups
Toes to Bar
Knees to Elbows
Seated Med Ball Throws

Workout B – Upper Volume
Alternating sets of upper body push/pull (no rest)
3-5 x 12-15 reps (choose one)
– Push Ups (get creative)
– BB Press (55%-65%)
– BB Bench (55%-65%)
– DB Press
– DB Bench
3-5 x 12-15 reps (choose one)
– Strict Chin Ups
– Strict Pull Ups
– Supine Ring Rows+

Conditioning > 15 min
7-10 x 500 meter row Intervals (sub 2 min pace)
1-3 x 1 mile run (7-9 min)
5 k run (sub 26 min)
Prowler pushes
Heavy sled drags
Heavy farmers walk
Sledgehammer work
Sand bag training

Off – Rest Day

Workout C – Upper Intensity
Focus Lift:
Work Up to a 3 RM (choose one of the following)
– Close Grip BB Bench Press
– DB Bench Press
– BB Press
– BB/DB Push Press
– Incline BB/DB

Accessory #1:
2-3 x max reps (3-4 min rest)
– Decline Push Ups (feet elevated)
– Weighted Pull Ups/Chin Ups
– Dead Hang Pull Ups/Chin Ups
– Bar Dips
Short Conditioning <10 min
3 weeks of examples of a sub 10 mins of conditioning:
Week 1
Complete 5 rounds:
1 Press 55% of 1 RM
1 Strict Chin Up
3 Press 55% of 1 RM
3 Strict Chin Ups
5 Press 55% of 1 RM
5 Strict Chin Ups
Week 2
Complete 5 rounds:
10 True Push Ups
10 Supine Ring Rows
Week 3
Complete 5 rounds:
7Balls Slams
7 Knees to Elbows

Workout D – Lower Volume
Focus Lift:
8×2 w/ 45 seconds rest (choose one of the following, alternate each week)
– DL @ 65% of 1 RM
– Power Clean @ 65% of 1 RM
– Power Snatch @ 65% of 1 RM
– Box Jumps @ 65% of 1 RM
– Broad Jumps
– Seated Box Jumps (seat on 18” box)

Accessory #1 (1 min rest)
3 x 8-10
– Barbell Lunge (vertical shin)
– DB Step Up (parallel leg)
– Front Squat
Sprinting  (Full Recovery)
3 weeks of examples:
Week 1
Complete 4-6 rounds:
10 KB Swings
Sprint 60 meters
Rest 3:1
Week 2
6-10 x 40 meter sprints
Rest ~30 seconds
Week 3
4-8 x ½ gassers
Rest 3:1

Workout E
Mobility WOD
Walk or Hike

Off – Rest Day

As for a solid supplement routine to keep the test levels high, I would stick with Robb’s recommendations in Paleo and Testosterone. Combine that with some smart training, 1 gram of protein per lb of body weight, 10 grams of BCAAs, 5 grams of leucine and a regular sex life to keep the pipes clean, and you should be good to go.