Hey guys,

I attended the CFFB training you had back in March and am excited to start your training. Prior to the seminar, I was training for the games, which is evaluating fitness one AMRAP workout at a time. I was wondering if you plan on holding another combine. I know this year’s combine was cancelled due to scheduling issues. I can’t tell you how psyched up I am for this event.

Thanks for all the info on your site; extremely legit.

COMBINE 2012#1
You would not believe the volume of emails and calls we have received about the Combine.

Yes, the Combine will happen in 2012. We had scheduling and sponsorship logistic issues that made it impossible to pull off in 2011.

We do not have a date yet, but we do have some interesting wrinkles in place to make it a fun weekend.

Since offering the Combine, we have been flooded with ideas and are working to make it happen.

Be patient and thanks for the support.