When it’s created, it’s copyrighted.

I recently read an article on training site about copyrights and stealing intellectual property. I thought it was fitting topic for Talk To Me Johnnie as the information I provide is both original and freely given. Even though it is given away and I provide it in the hopes that are others will learn from my experiences, it is my property, it is copyrighted and it is owned.

The information and insights on Talk To Me Johnnie have been crafted and created after many years of training as an amateur, collegiate and professional athlete. These experiences are unique and much like my 100 career starts in the NFL and playoff experiences they are mine.

The workouts given on CrossFit Football are original material and my intellectual property and copyrighted by CrossFit Football, LLC.

In a time where the internet is chock full of cyber cowboys, keyboard samurais and those that believe that expertise is built through posting on forums instead of hours under heavy iron, this site offers some actual knowledge.

These are my original thoughts, ideas, interpretations and experiences. But don’t use copyrighted material to earn you money and stature. The information on this site, CrossFit Football, the logos and likenesses are copyrighted and trademarked and will be defended vigorously.


The samurai will keep an eye out.