If you follow the football site over the last year, we have posted pictures from the Kean University Cougars. The Cougars are a Division III football team in Union, NJ.

The team is 3-0 heading into this Friday’s game against The College of New Jersey. Thanks for keeping us up to date on the team’s progress.


I’m an assistant football coach at Kean University. I coach the defensive life and am involved with strength and conditioning program.  This spring and summer, I incorporated much of your programming from the website into the football program. The kids love it and really pushed themselves. Yesterday, we upset the #3 team in the nation in a nail biter.  In the 4th quarter when we were down, talking about how hard they trained over the summer was firing the team up.  Our overall team conditioning was a huge factor in the win, the other team was gassed and it showed. Keep up the good work with the site; it makes the difference.