The folks at Talk To Me Johnnie (when I say “folks”, I mean me) enjoy receiving progress reports and testimonials. I thought I would share one that hit the inbox the other day.


Just writing to say thanks for the intelligent and effective programming you do on  After consistently following the SWOD and DWOD for about 5 months, I finally got a double body weight back squat.

This has been a goal of mine since I started CrossFit over two years ago.  I’ve tried other strength programs but none were as good as yours.  I particularly enjoy the 10×2 squats at 85% of 1 rep max, with 45 seconds rest.  The heavy squats in the last few sets with a jacked heart rate is a total gut check.

Thanks for helping me and my athletes get strong.


Bryce G. from CrossFit Merge

Bryce, thanks for the hard work and the vote confidence. It always amazes me the faith people have. You come across a free program posted daily on the net and decide to give it a whirl only to reach your goal of a two times body weight back squat. Almost like we know what we are doing. Good thing we are not a band of nutles monkeys making up shit trying to prove to the world we are bad ass. Well at least I don’t think so….

In my opinion, a double body weight back squat is your paid entrance to the training game. You have put in some hard work, done what you are suppose to and reaching this milestone means you are ready to begin serious training. You are no longer just working out, or merely getting a sweat. You can officially refer to what you are doing as training. And everyone should know the difference. Just because you go into the gym performing spastic movements does not mean you are training. Athletes train; athletes have goals and competitions.

Congrats and thanks for the update.