I’m from UK and follow the CFFB WODS and strength daily. I’m 180lbs 17 years old and trying to gain LOADS of weight, would you recommend GOMAD? Or just milk/whey/oats post workout? I’m eating paleo, fairly strict.

Many thanks


Unless you are 4’11, being 180lbs is not conducive to being strong. J/k, but what you have done is completed step 1 by showing interest in growing and increasing strength through this email. If it’s loads of weight you want to put on then you’re are going to have to do 2 things: eat big and lift progressively heavier weights. By eat big I mean eat a ton of food, like 5-6k calories worth of food. Eat 1-2g protein per pound of desired body weight, mix in some good fats, the ones that are monounsaturated like olive oil, and some carbs and you are good to go. Remember you can get 9 calories for every gram of fat compared to those weak ass carbs that give you just 4 calories per gram. Once you reach your desired weight it is time to shift gears and try to maintain your preciously gained weight and get things under control, but remember first and foremost you always have to lift heavy weights. Depending on your height you should be able to get up to 220lbs in about 3-4 months. We had a guy, an awesome super cool guy named Nate (me), come into the gym at 5’9″, 165lbs and 26yo who could barely squat his body weight for 5 reps. He got his weight up to 225 in 16 weeks and now sits at 215, he squatted 152kg for 5 reps on Saturday. You are 17 years old and in an ideal time in your life where growth and strength gains come easy. Grown men would kill to have the physical chemistry taking place in your body right now, take advantage of it and get strong! Then move to America.

As for GOMAD or Gallon Of Milk A Day, go for it. This kid Nate, me, drank a gallon of whole milk a day and was able to go from 165 lbs to 225 lbs in 16 weeks. A gallon of whole milk adds 2500 calories to your diet. It helps in trying to get your calories up to make an assault on the gaining weight and getting strong.

Make sure to click on the Nutrition tab for CrossFit Football and read all the information. Good stuff. For more good reading check out Mauros Di Pasquales’s work The Anabolic Diet and Metabolic Diet. I know John and Mauro are friends and have worked together for years.