First off I would like to thank you for your program. I am not big on open adoration but thought considering I was writing to you I would at least give credit where credit was do. I followed your amateur progression for just about 6 months and saw some great gains, after I reset a couple of times I thought I would try something new. Instead of trying the Collegiate template you outlined at the cert I thought I would try another program just to check to see if CFFB was legit. 

Enough fluff. About a year ago I quit my job to help grow and work at my girlfriend’s gym (now ex). Seeing as how I have been a follower of your program and am in need of a change,  I was curious as to how one would become more involved with the CrossFit Football certification process or how one could become a traveling staff member?

I am looking to grow as a coach and am willing to do whatever it takes to be a part of your team.

Devon James

joining the seminar staff #1

DJ – thanks for contacting us.  Surprisingly, I have received just a handful of emails over the last few years asking about joining the seminar staff.  The two most recent were from individuals that had never attended the seminar, didn’t follow the program and had no idea what we were teaching.  But they felt they were more than qualified to teach CrossFit Football based on other seminars they had attended or coached.  When I asked if they planned on attending CFFB, one didn’t respond and the other told me none of the seminars had been close enough to be convenient.

If you can’t make the effort, neither can I.

There are just a handful of CrossFit Football seminar staff coaches scattered around the globe, most I see daily in Newport Beach, many have interned with Raphael Ruiz and a few have worked with Tex in DC. There are a few others are scattered around the globe but make an effort to visit, stay in contact and keep us updated on their training daily.

We have a simple criteria for joining our staff.

1 – Attend two (2) CrossFit Football Trainer Seminars (be memorable, stand out).
2 – Email a resume to with an inquiry about entering the Space Monkey Program.
3- Intern at 4 CFFB events (blow us away with your coaching, positive attitude and sense of humor).
4 – Make a visit to the OC for a formal interview with myself and the CFFB staff.  This interview will be both oral and practical. We need to see how you present to a group, how you coach the movements, if you fit in with the group and demonstrate your strength, speed and capacity (articulate, funny, cock strong and look the part).
5- If you pass the final test, you are invited to join the staff.  You will receive a CFFB email account and gear.  You must to be available to travel anywhere in the world for a weekend spreading the gospel of CrossFit Football.

What did you think, this is Fight Club, and we would require you to wait for three days without food, shelter, or encouragement to begin your training?