Loving these workouts, John! I’m a washed up former rugby player (played throughout college and semi pro afterwards before quitting due to injury). These workouts are awesome for making me hit stuff I usually wouldn’t while adding the fun foundation and bodybuilding work.

We have an infant son and these workouts are going to make it possible for me to play with and eventually coach him as he and I get older. I’m 32 now and work a job at a computer all day long so this is perfect to keep me active and a good thing for him to eventually start on. I bring him out to the workout shed so he can watch like I used to as a kid with my dad. When he’s a teen we’ll be do Johnnie WOD to get him ready for bigger things, if he so chooses.  

I just wanted to send you this note to tell you I hope you keep it up for a long time!




Thanks for the update. I love hearing real world feedback and take joy in hearing the programs are helping to make you a better version of yourself.

Power Athlete started with a clear defined mission – battle the bullshit by creating a methodology and programming that provides laser accuracy in ramping up strength, speed and power.

Whether it be Johnnie WOD (aka CrossFit Football) or Power Athlete’s Field Strong, Jacked Street, Grindstone or HAMR – the programs pin point their specific user and provide them best in class training delivered through a next level experience in virtual training and community via Train Heroic.

Don’t worry, we will be here doing what Power Athlete does when the time comes for your son to break bars and bang weights – making some strong, fast, dangerous individuals.

Be well.