Good Afternoon,

I am currently an assistant coach for the McDonough Rams Football team in Pomfret, MD.  This past season I introduced the CrossFit Football ideals to our off season/in season conditioning program.  For many athletes and coaches this was thinking outside the box as we introduced some amazing new workouts.  This past season we won the MD 2a State Championship after being rated a 1 start team by the Washington Post.  We credit much of our success to our “Summer Grind” where we feel we outworked most if not all teams in the state.  We are an up tempo team on both sides of the ball.  Utilizing the CrossFit Football ideology we were completely prepared physically and mentally for what was ahead of us.  As a 2a school we have many players going both ways.  In many games opponents were falling apart cramping in the second half and by the 4th qtr our players felt fresh.  To the players credit they completely bought in to the training philosophy and it paid off. We carry the motto of 212 and going the extra degree, your program has only added to our philosophy and ideals!  As a member of the staff I would like to personally than you guys for staying cutting edge and helping us on our championship journey.  We have started fresh in this off season and continue to introduce new and innovative techniques in train with your help.

I see many team post pictures of their team and i would like to take the opportunity to post a picture of our 2010 Championship team on your site and even include some or a current pic or video of our players participating in cross fit football activities.  I am unsure of how to navigate this process an I would appreciate any help you could provide us.

Thank you for your dedication to our young student athletes,

Thomas Petre

Asst. Football Coach

McDonough Football 2010 State Champs


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