I was forwarded a site called Health Matters To Me. The author does some comparisons of a family that produced a DVD on their Raw Vegan diet and the pictures that Weston Price took of Hunter Gatherer tribes around the turn of the century.

Storm & Family: Degenerating Raw Vegans


“…This brings us to the most fascinating portion of the film: the children. In Weston Price’s studies of primitive populations, he discovered that adults suffered suboptimal health when abandoning their traditional diet for one rich in industrialized foods. The children of those adults then grew up with lowered immunity and physical degeneration. We’ll get to the raw vegan kids shortly, but for now let’s remind ourselves what a healthy traditional child (left) looks like compared to an unhealthy modernized child (right), according to Price…”

“…The theory of raw veganism is steeped in fanciful and delusional thinking. There has never been a group of human beings in the entire evolution of our species that were 100% raw vegans — or even vegan for that matter. During Price’s travels he was always on the lookout for a primitive population that subsisted solely off of vegetable foods. He never found one. Not only did every group utilize animal foods, they also made great efforts to obtain these foods and held them in very high regard — particularly for child-rearing. Anthropologists and archaeologists have determined that meat and animal fat consumption (in some cases full-on carnivory) have been a mainstay in the human diet for several million years. Today, healthy traditional cultures all over the world eat cooked plant and animal foods and stay healthy from generation to generation…Those that believe raw veganism is the ultimate path to wellness — as Storm and his family do — fail to take note of these facts and completely disregard hundreds of thousands of years of time-tested human foodways. We were left with the knowledge of proper diet by our ancestors — perhaps we will only attain optimal health by returning to those food traditions of the past…”

Pretty interesting when you take a look at the physical development of children raised on a diet on grass-fed meats, naturally raised fruits and veggies an high in fat versus those feed a modern westernized diet consisting of processed foods and grain-fed meats.