I find that this site is great for my Muay thai and MMA training! But what I would like to know is, would you suggest doing the WOD on the main crossfit site as well, or is that too taxing on the body? What about the Crossfit Endurance WOD? And what about rest days? Should I swim or go for a mild run, maybe some yoga? I’ve been training for years now but wish to start at the amateur level once again to strengthen my athletic foundation. I love the site!


Hans G.


*I happened to be bullshitting with Uncle Rip tonight when this question popped up in the inbox and thought it was a good one for him to field. We had been discussing 1 RMs, controlling training volume and the effects off too much volume on an athlete’s progress. As always, I love to hear Rip spread his wings and field a question.

This installment of Talk To Me Johnnie is brought to you by the Iron Samurai Mark Rippetoe. Enjoy!


John asked me to handle this one, due to the obvious nature of the answer — sometimes life requires a fucking obvious answer and upon occasion I can provide this service with utter and complete confidence.

So, what is it that you like about the website?

Is it the fact that the programming actually works to produce the kind of progress you’ve been training for?

If this is true, why do you feel the need to fuck with it?

Do you think that if it works now, that adding in more stuff to it will make it work better? Like if I was to take a 69 Camaro SS/RS and add a spoiler, body kit, spinners, neon lights and a trailer to pull all my shit, would it make it run faster and the car more valuable?

Do you think adding progressive loads to the amount of training you’re doing now is going to produce improved performance because the deficit in your training is overcoming insufficient work/volume?

Obviously you do, because you sent John this question.

I submit that what is not broken requires no repair. But in the spirt of experimentation, if you’d like to do CF mainsite workouts, CF Endurance workouts, P90X, Pilates, Bikram Yoga, Jazzer-cize, Zumba, an hour of Stairmaster and roll around in the floor for 15 minutes every morning, go ahead.

Set up your website and let us know how it works out.