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I am curious about workout scaling, as far as weight is concerned on the METCONs for women. I am a rugby athlete and avid CrossFitter. I have been doing it for about 2 years now and stumbled upon CrossFit Football for rugby training, I don’t know why I didn’t start this sooner. Anyway. For a quick background so I don’t come off as trying to imply women are weaker…blah blah blah, I am 5’7″, 160-165 and can max clean 150, max push jerk 145 and max deadlift 270. I am looking to use this program to increase my strength and power.

Thanks for the help!

Liz Tree



I have never established a clear scaling for women…and not for some clandestine reason to keep the opposite sex in the dark, but because I honestly never really thought about it.

Now that I have received your email I will give it the attention it deserves.

66% or 2/3rds will be the female scaling weight.

On a side note, scaling is an interesting topic of conversation and something that is asked often in the CFFB comment section. I tend to stay away from it, as scaling during the game, match or contest is not an option. It is not as if you can call time out and say, “Coach this guy is too big, can I get a smaller one?”

However, if you are 14 years old and/or 135 lbs and following CFFB and can not do the workouts as Rx then you must scale. Be realistic, if they workout is taking people 4 minutes and it takes you 45 minutes, you might want to consider scaling. Or maybe you are the type where scaling is not an option so you rather take the 45 minute battle.

Hope this helps,