Hello CrossFit Football,

I am from Crossfit Aalborg in Denmark, I’ve got the city’s hockey team into our center. I am sure that your program is brilliant for them. Are you intending to do the Daily WOD and Strength WOD on the same day?

Mads Skovsgaard Thimm

Crossfit Aalborg

Mads – You got it right. We do the Strength work first, wait about 5-15 minutes and then jump into the metcon or the Daily WOD.

That is right, two workouts in one day.

Just to give you a heads up…did you know CrossFit Football is headed out in one week’s time on our first European Tour? If you are in Europe and want to train and learn from the CrossFit Football crew we will be in Bodo, Norway on June 5 & 6 and then in Stockholm, Sweden on June 13 & 14. CrossFit Football has never been to Norway and we are visiting the Bodo in the Arctic Circle. Then we head to Stockholm to rejoin the members of CrossFit Disco for our final event. It will be good to see Jockie, Sven, Johan and the boys and girls of CrossFit Stockholm.


We might be taking a day trip to the Netherlands so you never know where we might pop up.

Hope you can join us.