On 5rm back sq yesterday I got a pr with 435, nose started to bleed a little on 4th rep and busted couple of blood vessels in right eye, is this normal?



Jimmy – while it is not the norm, it happens. For me, broken blood vessels are more common, but a bloody nose hasn’t happened in recent years. The first time I got a bloody nose and I broke blood vessels in my eyes was my senior year of high school, a few days before the prom. I had a thrilled prom date; I guess broken blood vessels are not cool for taking pictures.

I can remember it clearly, it was squatting“four wheels” for a set of 5 and on my 2nd rep I could feel my nose running, I started to strain, I felt dizzy and racked the weight. I had broken a bunch of blood vessels in my eyes and a bloody nose. As time went on and I became accustomed to squatting heavy loads it was not as frequent, actually, I can’t remember my nose bleeding in years. But then again, I used to squat with knee wraps and maybe the rebound I would get out the of the bottom of the squat would help me squat more weight then what my body was able to handle. Broken blood vessels happen with a massive strain, much like I can imagine you had with your 5 RM lift.

I was reminded of these occurrences when Max and I visited Louie Simmons at Westside Barbell in Columbus, OH. I could see dried blood in Louis’ nostrils, and remember thinking this is where the strong people train.

Call me fucked up but I think calloused hands, sweat, a bloody nose, broken blood vessels and that metallic taste in your mouth after training, are all receipts for hard work. Just like the smell of fresh cut grass, white athletic tape and ammonia caps bring a smile to my face. Reminds me of when life was simple.