I recently read your post about leaning out; I am currently 5’11”, 235 lbs with a lean body mass around 170-175 lbs. I would like to get my weight down since I am not a football player and just trying to enjoy life and tend to engage in recreational cardio sports, (Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, ect). I have several times tried to go “clean” on my diet, cutting out most dairy and simple carbs like you talked about in your “Leaning Out” post. I always seem to quickly lose a tremendous amount of weight, then crash and eat poorly again. I know this is due to the calorie deficient and my body wanting the weight to be lost at a slower pace. When I eat clean, it’s usually fruit, lean meats, nuts, eggs and vegetables. Again, when I do this the weight comes off fast, but I can never stick to the diet. What would you suggest, a glass of whole milk at each meal?

Just a little insight into what my normal activity is like, I play basketball twice a week, follow CrossFit or Crossfit Football (I switch back and forth) and work at a restaurant on my feet 3-4 nights a week. Other than that, I am a sedentary student.

Thank you for your time,

J****a S******t

Always hungry #1

What do I recommend?

How about growing up. Stop being a child, take some accountability and have some follow through. If you want to get your weight down so you can be more competitive at Ultimate Frisbee (5 years ago I would have kicked my own ass for uttering these words), then don’t crash and emotionally stuff your face with donuts. You are not an 18-year-old girl who just moved away from home and is enjoying unlimited soft serve in the college dining common.

Second, how about proof reading your emails before you send them. A small piece of me died while reading all of the spelling and grammatical errors in your email. If you are a college student, I expect more. Hopefully, at some point you won’t be working at a restaurant and you will have to use your education to kick in life’s door. I took my valuable time to edit your email, as I would not post it the way you sent it. Why? Because it would make us both look moronic.

You even misspelled “Hungery” in your subject line. Hungry is not commonly spelled with an “e”, unless you are sending this email via time machine from 1846. The only other place I found the word “Hungery”, was in Urban Dictionary.

Finally, years ago my dad gave me the secret to success in life:


He told me to get up early each day and work. And to take everything I did with great pride; success breeds success.

*I have attached the original email below.

Always hungry #2