Do you pass or fail?

John, Is the Most Interesting Man in the World really that interesting? XX... On the surface he seems to be, but I am not sure. He is always dressed in a tux, laughing over drinks but have you seen him do anything that would indicate he is a guy’s guy? The better question is, how do you know a dude is a guy’s guy? Example one, while at the gym, the starter on your 1967 Shelby GT 500 goes bad and takes the battery with it...

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Zombie Preparation Part II

In wake of the Zombie Preparation Part I, I decided to expand and outline some transportation options and stealthy mean for dealing with those pesky zombies. Everyone knows I am a fan of everything of anything with wheels…one to eighteen…I love them all. I am lucky enough to be the owner of a few cars, trucks and motorcycles and love my mountain bike and beach cruisers. When the zombies attack you will have [...]

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