Is Football Good For Rugby?

The Football site launched the night of 3. 31.2009 and my inbox exploded. Two emails stick out in my head from the 2000+ emails I received, one from Daz of CrossFit Newcastle in Newcastle, Australia and the other from not so happy CrossFitter. Daz's interest was in the programming and making tweaks to adapt it to rugby. I loved it...

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2010 Recap

This is my recap for 2010. This past year has been exciting, full of growth and progress. Talk To Me Johnnie was launched and CrossFit Football made it into it’s second year. We have been working on a site redesign and many other advances to come. For my year end wrap up, I have decided to answer a few questions I did not get a chance to respond to in 2010...

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John, I wanted to thank you for the training as I am stronger, faster and becoming an all around a better athlete because of it. However, lately I have been getting my ass kicked in the training. Got any recovery tips to help me recover and keep making progress? Thanks, R & R As you can imagine playing a 16 game season in the NFL takes a toll on the body. Add to [...]

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Stingers and a Strong Physique

I have a client playing college football for Montana next year.  He has had issues with stingers any suggestions to help with those. I am thinking heavy farmers walks and deadlifts. Maybe some bridge work. Any suggestions would be helpful. He is playing tight end. Thanks, Jake For those you that have never played contact sports or were not privy to bone crushing hits on a daily basis, a stinger or burner is [...]

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What Happens at a CrossFit Football Cert?

Talk to Me Johnnie - I want to attend a CrossFit Football Certification but there are few videos on the internet of CrossFit Football in action. Can you give me an idea of what happens at CrossFit Football Cert? I saw you teach running, sprint mechanics, lifts, programming and nutrition...any help? T.B. T.B. We have been slow getting up our video, but things are changing as we head into a new era for [...]

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CrossFit Football Cert, Loren Cordain & FRCF

John – You guys travel a lot for CrossFit Football and have seen a good number of boxes. How do boxes differ and which ones are you excited to see? Jake L. If you haven’t noticed, after we did our international tour we took a few weeks off to regroup and rest up before we head out on the road. We are very excited to head to Skip Miller’s box, Front Range CrossFit, [...]

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Come join the crew from CrossFit Football, LifeAsRx and many special guests for a Pre-Game Party on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, CA. Yes, the guys from LifeAsRx and myself decided with all the people flying in from around world for the 2010 Games we should party. And if you know us, you know we like to party with two "R's"! So, we decided to invite our friends to come hang with us in [...]

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100% again…

Hi John - I have been playing football for the past seven years, and I just want to say that your programming has put me in way better shape now than I was when playing college ball. I played college football my first two years of college, and upon graduating last year, I had not played since. I decided that I had so much love for the game - I trained everyday for 7 months, [...]

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