The expression to be worth one's salt, which means you're competent and deserve what you're earning, has roots in ancient Rome, where soldiers were sometimes paid in salt or given an allowance to purchase...

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The River Cottage Meat Book

I came home late the other day to find a package on my front door step. When I concluded the package was from Amazon I was a bit confused as I did not remember ordering anything. I proceeded to open the box to find a thick book with a beautifully marbled piece of meat on the front. The book’s title? The River Cottage Meat Book. The note inside indicated it was a gift from [...]

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Just Tell Me What To Eat…

Talk To Me Johnnie - After reading the information on fats and ketogenic diets, I am confused. Can you just tell me what to eat? It seems that I needed some counseling, so I did what any intelligent individual would do, I contacted Chuck Norris for his views on nutrition and the Power Athlete Diet TM. I asked for an accurate prescription for what I should be eating. Chuck responded and delivered the [...]

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Ketogenic Diets

Is there any fast food out there that is worth a damn? And what about Ketogenic Diets? Are they really good for performance and health? While I do not advocate the consuming of fast food...I do have one weakness...In-N-Out Burger. A Double Double with Onions Protein Style is my order of choice when we looking for a quick meal. For those of you that are not from California and are not familiar with In-N-Out [...]

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Ketogenic Diets & Performance

      I posted two articles on training and ketogenic diets that have caused some confusion so I thought I would post the questions and responses for some dialogue. Metabolism and Ketosis - Protein Power Ketogenic diets and physical performance - Nutrition & Metabolism Erik Behan asked a question... There are a couple points of note in the second article that I think need to be addressed by someone smarter than me. [...]

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