Is there any fast food out there that is worth a damn? And what about Ketogenic Diets? Are they really good for performance and health?

While I do not advocate the consuming of fast food…I do have one weakness…In-N-Out Burger.

Double Double with Onions Protein Style is my order of choice when we looking for a quick meal. For those of you that are not from California and are not familiar with In-N-Out Burger, it is a local burger chain that emphasizes fresh ingredients and made to order burgers. It places high on the list for everyone I know and it rocks!

As for Ketogenic Diets, here is exert from study that was done in 1930 on ketogenic diets. Two individuals were followed for 1 year while they ate a prolonged diet of meat and fat. The study is called PROLONGED MEAT DIETS WITH A STUDY OF KIDNEY FUNCTION AND KETOSIS BY WALTER S. MCCLELLAN AND EUGENE F. Du BOIS.

“Two normal men volunteered to live solely on meat for one year, which gave us an unusual opportunity of studying the effects of this diet. The term “meat,” as used by us, included both the lean and the fat portions of animals. The subjects derived most of their calories from fat and the diet was quite different from what one, who uses the term “meat” as including chiefly lean muscle, would expect. Rubner (1) called attention to the fact that a man cannot live on meat alone because physical limitation of the apparatus of mastication. He was evidently considering only lean meat as fat offers little difficulty…”


“Both men were in good physical condition at the end of the observation. There were no subjective or objective evidences of any loss of physical or mental vigor. The teeth showed no deterioration and gingivitis had disappeared. There was, however, an increase in the deposit of tartar on teeth of V. S. Bowel elimination was undisturbed-V. S. required no extra catharsis and K. A. was regular throughout.”


At the end of the year, the subjects were mentally alert, physically active, and showed no specific physical changes in an system of the body…Vitamin deficiencies did not appear…In these trained subjects, the clinical observations and laboratory studies gave no evidence that any ill effects had occurred from the prolonged use of the exclusive meat diet”


It seems we have known the benefits of ketogenic diet for many years. I always suspected those pesky carbs were just a lot of hype.