Magnesium Deficiency

Magnesium is involved in processes that affect muscle function including oxygen uptake, energy production and electrolyte balance. When you exercise you lose fluid. The fluid is replaced rapidly by the consuming of water or other fluids. Many times that water does not contain trace minerals that are lost during sweating and excretion of fluid from kidneys...

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Blood Work

He forwarded me you email, as this is my wheelhouse. I have been involved in laboratory testing of athletes and non-athletes since 1989 and have a data base of over 30,000 subjects. I make the following suggestions and share with you that you can get these tests ordered by any physician and performed at a variety of labs. However in almost every case I have reviewed, people mess things up. Either the physician orders the wrong tests or skips tests that are important and/or the client/patient does something to mess up the results. So first let’s standardize things...

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I want to thank you for the programming. I don't play football, but I did reap the benefits of your training today. I caught a guy breaking into my truck and trying to steal my dog and guitar this afternoon. WTF! I sprinted over and leapt while kicking the door into his body and then preceded to beat him mercilessly and finally, power clean and body slam him into a wall. Without your program, I wouldn't have been able to do what had to be done; sprinting, jumping, beating down was just another DWOD. Now I am going to have some tequila...

GF Whey from Well Food Company

A few days ago, I was was candid with the supplements I take and which ones I recommend. In the post on Supplement Recommendations, I mentioned a whey protein from Evolve Foods and a discount code for the CFFB Nation. I got word from Evolve Foods the protein is in stock and ready to ship. All you need now is a discount code to save a few bucks. Enjoy...

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Supplement Recommendations

I have been meaning to write up a recommendation for supplements for a while, so thanks for submitting your question. There are many conflicting opinions on supplementing. I think first and foremost, that if your training and food intake is not taken seriously, you are wasting your time with supplements. With that said, there are hundreds and thousands of supplements on the market today. Just click on for a glimpse of what is out there. Everything from MEGAXPLODE 9000 to crushed yak testicles claims to aid in performance...

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Lost in Madrid

My name is Fernando and I am a CrossFitter and MMA/Kick boxing fighter from Spain. I discovered your site a few months ago and I think it is really great, but I am really surprised and confused about some information. I will tell you my story. Here in my country, Spain, there is no information about Paleo diet, Crossfit, etc. There are just three CrossFit boxes in the capital Madrid, and two of them suck. Even in my box most of people don’t know what is Paleo...

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Strong. Awesome.

Hey Johnny, What do you recommend for post workout nutrition. I train in a box where EVERYONE is very Paleo and as soon as I start whipping out my shakers of BCAA's, protein powders, carnatine and glutamine, all while munching down on my banana, I'm the brunt of the joke at the gym. (I get my own back though considering my name is at the top of the boards on the daily WODs and most of the big lifts)...

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Increasing IGF-1

John, What's the deal with Deer Antler Extract? Are people really using it in the NFL? It seems totally bogus and the PR around it is very interesting in the NFL. Reminds me of Creatine back in the 90's. But Creatine has actually been studied and shows it actually is beneficial for the weight trainer...

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Weight Gain & Female Athletes

John, I was wondering what you suggest for your female athletes with regards to their body changes. I started eating Paleo in January and have succeeded in eliminating all grains and dairy (never drank milk before anyway) and I do feel great In May, I weighed 115 lbs at 5' tall and my body fat was 15%. Fast forward to August, now I weigh 110 lbs and my concern is whether it was [...]

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