For as long as I can remember my deadlift to squat ratio has been, as I see it, out of whack.  Currently, I weight 165 lbs and my 1RM squat is 305 and my 1 RM deadlift is 415.  Most guys I know, have DL and squat numbers that are close to each other or their squat is higher than their DL.  Is this normal and how can I bring my squat up to par with my DL?  Any help would be appreciated.




Keep training. You are on the right track, your friends are the ones who are fucked up. Most raw lifters should be able to deadlift more than they squat. Once you approach your limit on the strength curve, you start to see squat numbers matching the deadlift. But this won’t happen until you are so far advanced you won’t give a shit about this site.

Geared multi-ply lifters, on the other hand, will usually squat and bench more than they deadlift. But that is due to the gear being very advantageous for the bench and squat and having little carryover in the deadlift.

If I come across a raw lifter whose squat is equal or more than his deadlift, I assume he does not like to pull heavy. Or he has very small hands, in which case he is best suited to join the circus.