I have tiny hands and have tried a lot of different programs and methods to bring my deadlift up over the last several years. It’s very funny, so have a good laugh (they are smaller than many women’s hands), but any suggestions on how to overcome this would be most appreciated.


Legions of the functional fit are alive and kicking on the Internet. This realm proudly disavows anything short of a loin cloth during training. Olympic shoes? They train barefoot. Belts? They stabilize their core. Clothes? If their mom’s garage wasn’t on a busy street they would train naked. Straps? Shit, they masturbate with a hook grip. Strength? Depends on who is asking. Condoms? They use a rattlesnake.

If the limiting factor for increasing your deadlift is small hands, use straps. Regardless of what the guy with 31,012 posts says, there is no shame in using straps. I use straps when I snatch, do rack pulls, power shrugs and heavy one arm DB rows. During most weeks, the volume of pulling on this program is 3:1, pull to push. Sometimes your grip gets tired and straps allow your body to do more than your grip will allow.

Even Lincoln Hawk had to strap up.