crock pot #1

I wanted to share photos and give some feedback on the Big Bubba’s Ribs recipe.

They came out better than expected. I substituted carrots for sweet potatoes…as I was out of sweet potatoes. It was a bit light on the salt for my taste, but that is an easy fix as I can add salt to the finished product.

This one might need a few attempts to perfect, and as you can imagine I will jump on the sword until it is perfected.

And remember…Serves 1.

crock pot#2

Here are the ribs right before the lid to the crock was added. That brown cube of ice is the beef stock. We make the beef stock and freeze it for later use. Pretty simple to just throw it in the crock pot while still frozen.

crock pot##

Here are the ribs after I pulled the lid off 8 hours later. Looks pretty good.