I thought I would follow up the nutrition feedback with some training feedback I got from a guy following the site.

Jonathan! Dude! This is fucking rad!. Thanks for the feedback and I am stoked to have provided some direction for your hard work.


I have always been on the heavy side. I was always okay with it since I played offensive line from seven years old all the way up till my Sophomore year of college. That year my life took an interesting turn, as most of my friends started doing drugs and partying. While I made the decision to not be involved with the drinking and partying, I eventually quit playing football. As I look back on those years it was the worst decision of my life. Without football, my life became a constant stream of video games and laziness and I eventually stopped going to class and ended up quitting school. After about two years of little physical activity, my weighed increased to over 330lbs. I was not happy with the way my life was going so I made the decision to get back in school and enroll at West Virginia University.

One day I was browsing the Madden forums and a guy was offering fitness advice.  For some reason, I decided I’d check it out. I posted on there and he made me a little workout, I followed it and the first week I lost two lbs. I was pretty happy with the progress, so I kept on for another 4-5 weeks and lost 2 pounds a week. After I starting seeing progress my desire to play football was rekindled . One of the trainers at my gym was doing CrossFit and it looked like an quick and fun way to get in shape for football. So I went home and typed “Crossfit Football” into my search engine and came across your site. At first I was pretty worried due to the frequency of pull-ups and some of the exercises I simply could not do because I weighed 320lbs. For about 5 weeks, I just did the DWOD after my workout. I continued to see success losing 2-3 pounds a week. Once I got down to 305, I decided to switch over and did Crossfit Football plus 10-15 minutes of interval training and I was very pleased with my success at this point. September rolled around and I made the commitment, come spring time I would be in shape enough to walk-on for West Virginia. I had always dreamed of playing for the Mountaineers and now I had something to train for. I continued following Crossfit Football all the way to the beginning of spring. And by the time spring rolled around, I was down to 225 pounds. I was weighing 40 pounds under what I weighed in high school. One week before tryouts, I decided to check my eligibility status, seeing as I had played at another school. After a half dozen phone calls and letters, I was told I was not able to try out because my eligibility clock had run out while I was taking classes. I was disappointed that my dream of playing for the Mountaineers had come to end, but I realized what I had gained from your site.

I ended up finishing school, getting my degree and being in the best shape of my life. I have followed your program for two solid years and when I started, I had to do assisted dips, pull-ups and scale every workout. Now I can complete almost every DWOD as prescribed and many times post a competitive time.

Every night, I check the site to see how my ass is going to be kicked the next day.

I am hoping to attend a certification once I get some money saved up, so I can help others make changes in their life too.


Jonathan Groves