Hey PAHQ guys – thanks for the programming.  I don’t mean to be a pushy asshole, but are you going to explain the Power Athlete membership a little bit more?  Like what the the advantage of the Power Athlete programming vs. CrossFit Football programming? Is CrossFit Football going away?  I love the programming, but $20 (or $34) per month is going to be tough to manage for me.


JD Power-Athlete-Community-Membership-Come-To-The-Light-CrossFit-Football JD,

Never fear, CrossFit Football is not changing.  We launched the site in 2009 with one goal: to bring the CFFB/Power Athlete style of training to the world.  Over the last 5 years, we have traversed the world, clawed and fought to meet this goal and I believe we have accomplished our task.  Over the course of bringing this style of training to the masses there was always a desire by the community for more.  We heard it at every seminar, daily on the blog and through the countless emails sent to “info”, people wanted more.  And when I say “more”, I am referring to a comprehensive video library, more premium blogs like what I have done on TTMJ (posts full of good information you could apply today to your training, just not just general information that was more akin to a hand job than anything).  And detailed programming, above and beyond, what is presently offered.

This would include, but not be limited to, warm ups, plyometric work, narrative for each workout with specific goals and tasks and most importantly giving insight on the bigger picture to teach the method.  At the seminars, we are asked about on-line coaching; a place where an athlete could post their training sessions and get instant feedback via email and the forums from the coaches and community.  This community wanted a Power Athlete specific place to discuss training and performance and new ways to maximize the effects of the training style.

We looked around and nothing we examined met the needs of what was asked of us.  So in true HQ fashion, we created the ultimate training experience, complete with comprehensive daily programming with narrative, video demos to guide your movements, educational modules to fix common problems, coach the movements and guide an athlete’s nutrition, recovery and performance.

By now you realize, Power Athlete is more than just banging weights and getting sweaty.  It is a complete training system that utilizes complex movements, sprinting, metabolic conditioning, nutrition and recovery to meet needs of hard charging motherfuckers training to be the best. With that said, lets jump into the Power Athlete experience and take you on a tour.

PAHQ-MembershipThe first level of access to the Power Athlete community is the official member.  This awards you the right to create a custom profile which will allow you to interact with other athletes and coaches and access to the PAHQ forums where information about training, nutrition and recovery will be available.  This also includes the ability to see videos and tutorials on individual basis.  This is where the magic begins and as you grow as an athlete, the community is there to support you.

PAHQ-EssentialsThe second level of access will be known as the Power Athlete Essentials.  This affords you the right to create a custom profile and interact with coaches and athletes globally via the forums.  This gives you access to premium posts and content created by Power Athlete HQ staff, contributors and myself.  For example, this would include part 3 & 4 of the Bulking Protocol and countless of other pieces of information I have been sitting on waiting for the community to come online.  And most importantly, advanced daily programming for two levels of athletes complete with narrative for each day.  This will also include what I expect out of you each day with a solid game plan on how to attack each workout.  The training with coupled with video demos so you can know exactly how each movement is performed to help you get the most out of your training.

PAHQ-ProfessionalThe third and final level of access to the Power Athlete community is called the Power Athlete Professional.  This advanced level of access will be begin with a custom profile and full access to the PAHQ forums complete with Professional section where members can ask the staff and myself questions and get instant feedback on training, nutrition and movements. You will get access to premium posts and content and have the ability to ask specific questions to have them be addressed in Talk To Me Johnnie posts.

The Pro PA will include daily programming with narrative, videos and tutorials, exclusive discounts on merchandise, e-books, round-tables, virtual coaching and seminars. Basically, this is full VIP access to Power Athlete program.  The only way it could get better is if you showed up Power Athlete HQ everyday and slept on my couch.

At Power Athlete HQ, we have been known to use some movie references to help get our point across, we liken this experience to Bruce Wayne climbing out of the Pit in the Dark Knight Rises; rising from the darkness and into the light.

“Deshi Basara…Deshi Basara…Deshi Basara…Deshi Basara”

*He Rises in Arabic

*Just to give you a heads up, we offering introductory pricing on these packages that is well below what this would cost if you came to me for custom programming and consultation.