First, thank you for the excellent resource. I’ve seen numbers in my lifts and runs that I just assumed I’d never see. Even more importantly, the programming has shown me how far I have left to go.

I have a question regarding weight poundage. On the metabolic workouts, a lift is often prescribed but in the strength workout it’s often a % of 1RM (I.e. 10/10/11 has 185 lb power jerks in DWOD and all prescribed SWODs are 3 or 5RM). I take time to extrapolate the stimulus and sub an appropriate amount of weight (body weight of 150 lb soaking wet so I can’t do them all as RXd yet), but I’m curious why all the weights aren’t prescribed as a % of your 1RM, 3RM, 5RM etc.

Thanks again!



Because there is no scaling in football.

Early in the 2000 season, we played Buffalo at home. At the time, Ted Washington was playing defensive tackle at 400+ lbs and was bringing a big bull-rush. And no matter how much I waved my arms and screamed, Buffalo wouldn’t sub in a smaller player.

I remember thinking, “Don’t they have someone smaller?”

I had to deal with whoever Buffalo lined up across from me and make the best of it.

CFFB is much like Ted Washington. Most days, the training is heavy. Sometimes you will have to jerk 185 lbs for reps. If you can’t, then you need to grow stronger, as being a 150 lbs is not an excuse.

If you follow the site, you will have to take what the training gives you. If we scaled everything based on a 1 RM, 3 RM or 5 RM, how could you prepare for your big Ted?

You couldn’t.