Is Football Good For Rugby?

The Football site launched the night of 3. 31.2009 and my inbox exploded. Two emails stick out in my head from the 2000+ emails I received, one from Daz of CrossFit Newcastle in Newcastle, Australia and the other from not so happy CrossFitter. Daz's interest was in the programming and making tweaks to adapt it to rugby. I loved it...

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2010 Recap

This is my recap for 2010. This past year has been exciting, full of growth and progress. Talk To Me Johnnie was launched and CrossFit Football made it into it’s second year. We have been working on a site redesign and many other advances to come. For my year end wrap up, I have decided to answer a few questions I did not get a chance to respond to in 2010...

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Adventures in Scandinavia

Maybe you noticed...or maybe you didn't...but Talk To Me Johnnie has not updated for 2 weeks. No...I have not decided to "shit can" the TTMJ project, we have been traveling. We took CrossFit Football on the road to Norway and Sweden to see if what we are teaching has interest outside the land of American Football, light beer and sunshine. This all started when I received an email from two guys in Norway [...]


Hey John, I've been following CFBB for about 9 months with amazing results, but I have been struggling with an injury to my elbow which I first noticed a few months after I was hit by a car riding my mountain bike. Its a dull, aching nerve pain lateral to the olecranon of my left elbow. It only happens when our workouts have movements such as snatch, dips, jerk, and to a lesser [...]

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John - Just wanted to drop a line.  Almost a year ago I attempted Kalsu 6-23-09...and failed miserably.  Two days later I tried it again and thought with a better game plan I could finish it rx'd...again, I failed.  About a week later I did it with 95, a few months later, I crushed my time with 95lbs.  This past December I did it with 115 and felt accomplished, doing it in 21 [...]

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Gain LOADS of Weight

I'm from UK and follow the CFFB WODS and strength daily. I'm 180lbs 17 years old and trying to gain LOADS of weight, would you recommend GOMAD? Or just milk/whey/oats post workout? I'm eating paleo, fairly strict. Many thanks George George, Unless you are 4'11, being 180lbs is not conducive to being strong. J/k, but what you have done is completed step 1 by showing interest in growing and increasing strength through this email. [...]

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Why Talk To Me Johnnie?

I guess the first question I should answer is why “Talk To Me Johnnie”? As many of you may or may not know there was a time when I did not use a computer for more than paying some bills and looking at cars and motorcycles. I had no desire to read forums, personal websites, no Facebook or Twitter. I had played in the NFL for the a decade and the internet was [...]

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