I am the head track coach at Bountiful High School in Utah.  I decided in November to implement the CFFB program in my conditioning and see the effect it had on my upcoming season, which had promise but needed some serious development.  It did not take long for the athletes in my program to believe in the system and wish for more every day.  I had kids in the weight room every day [...]

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John - Just wanted to drop a line.  Almost a year ago I attempted Kalsu 6-23-09...and failed miserably.  Two days later I tried it again and thought with a better game plan I could finish it rx'd...again, I failed.  About a week later I did it with 95, a few months later, I crushed my time with 95lbs.  This past December I did it with 115 and felt accomplished, doing it in 21 [...]

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Gain LOADS of Weight

I'm from UK and follow the CFFB WODS and strength daily. I'm 180lbs 17 years old and trying to gain LOADS of weight, would you recommend GOMAD? Or just milk/whey/oats post workout? I'm eating paleo, fairly strict. Many thanks George George, Unless you are 4'11, being 180lbs is not conducive to being strong. J/k, but what you have done is completed step 1 by showing interest in growing and increasing strength through this email. [...]

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Hello, I'm a grad assistant strength coach at University of South Carolina, and I'm very interested in your programming.  I've been competing in CrossFit over the last year, and often design my own programs.  I'm curious about your programming for the Collegiate strength wod's, and was hoping that you could explain your method to me.  One part that confuses me particularly is from May 3, and May 4.  Each day athletes were asked [...]

Copyrighted Material

When it's created, it's copyrighted. I recently read an article on training site about copyrights and stealing intellectual property. I thought it was fitting topic for Talk To Me Johnnie as the information I provide is both original and freely given. Even though it is given away and I provide it in the hopes that are others will learn from my experiences, it is my property, it is copyrighted and it is owned. [...]

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