Dear John, an-nyung-ha-se-yo! I have been reading your workouts and website for many month and doing some exercises. I want to get strong, but I fear gaining weight. I have no money for new pants. I would also like to run marathon. My goal is to do your workouts site plus run for marathon training and eat vegetarian zone of 17 blocks plus GOMAD. I am Korean and do not digest milk good but is it worth it for my gains? About me…I am 37 years old from South Korea. I am 161cm and weigh 90kg. My lifts are hammer curls 20kg for 12 rep, bench press 60kg for 12 rep, calf raise 60kg for 20 rep, leg press 280kg for 12 rep.

Many thanks white giant,

Pyong Kim


Anyone ever seen the movie, Zardoz?

In 1974, Sean Connery starred in a film set far in the future; he was trained only to kill, yet, finds his way into a community of bored immortals that are set on preserving the achievements of mankind.

After reading this question, I was left with the same thought I had after seeing Zardoz and seeing Sean Connery, aka oo7, in a red speedo and thigh high boots.


After the crazy pills wore off…