Starting Strength & Velocity

First off, I would like to thank you for the great programming CFFB provides! I am a huge fan and have been following CrossFit Football programming with a buddy for over a year. I am a college baseball player with dreams of draft day but realize that I will need to make up for my lack of height with speed and power, but its the power part I am having trouble with...

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“There was a time, in the not-so-distant past, when every athlete who trained with weights sported an impressive set of traps. Bodybuilders had them; shot putters had them, and, of course, so did Olympic lifters. That’s because they all did lots of heavy pulling movements in their programs. Currently, the only group of strength athletes who show any trap development are Olympic lifters, and those taking part in a scholastic or collegiate strength program which includes the power clean and shrug..."

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Where can I train?

I have recently become addicted to CrossFit Football but had a question pertaining to finding the right gym for the program. Ironically I can find plenty of gyms here in Phoenix, however, I am having a very difficult time finding a gym that works for CrossFit football. It just seems impossible to do it in your regular “globo gym.”...

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