Johnnie & Crew,

My name is Kenneth, I am 27 years old, and I currently live in Phoenix, AZ.  I have been working out for seven+ years not including my team sports in college and high school.  I have recently become addicted to CrossFit Football but had a question pertaining to finding the right gym for the program.  Ironically I can find plenty of gyms here in Phoenix, however, I am having a very difficult time finding a gym that works for CrossFit football.  It just seems impossible to do it in your regular “globo gym.”  I am currently a member of 24 Hour Fitness and it just does not work.  It is very difficult to do the DWODs and sometimes even the SWODs because the gym is not set up to accommodate this real kind of work out.  People do curls on squat racks, talk to their buddies for 45 minutes while occupying the bench press, you cant drop any weights, rush hour is a joke, and the list goes on and on.

There are plenty of CrossFit gyms in the area of course, however, from what I understand you have to sign up for group classes and one on one instruction.  I have about seven years of work out experience under my belt so I do not really need any instructions and generally have a tough schedule to make any kind of group sessions.  Being that the CrossFit gyms seem to be the only type of gyms that can accommodate a CrossFit football workout I was wondering what solutions you would suggest for my current dilemma.  Can I join a CrossFit gym and use it whenever I like for CrossFit Football?  I would really like to join a CrossFit gym and pay my monthly fees towards a gym and program that I truly believe in, but I do not wish for group workouts or need to be trained on the movements.  Please let me know if there are any suggestions you may have.  I am also going to start calling the CrossFit gyms myself in the area to see what they may suggest.  Worst-case scenario I will build my own gym if necessary.  I just thought I would get your official input first.  I really appreciate your help and hope to hear back from you.

Best Regards,


 *The pix about is from Elite S&C in Tampa, FL. They are friends of Raphael Ruiz, and were nice enough to let us train when we were in town. They tend to dress a bit odd, were extremely strong and have an excellent array of pix on their FB page. Thanks.  


This isn’t the first time I have received an email like this. Ironically, just yesterday, I had a guy come visit me at my gym in Newport Beach, inquiring about the same thing. He lives out in the “909,” wants to train heavy and can’t find any spots that will accommodate him. He is willing to drive the 30-40 miles to find a place that help him get bigger and stronger. I told him we would be glad to have him.

Short of having you move to Newport Beach, the only way I know how to help you find a place to train is to post this up and ask for people to submit gyms around the USA, Canada and world that are doing power athlete/CFFB training.

Lets make it simpler, how about gyms that will let you follow a program of heavy weight lifting, sprinting and smart metabolic conditioning. I know of several excellent coaches and gyms around the world that are doing great work.

Lastly, the gyms submitted do not have to be a CrossFit facility.

I will list them on a page and post a link to it, so people can find a gym. And an update, the new website will list a directory of every coach that has attended a CrossFit Football seminar, so that will be a good resource once the site launches.

Lets see what we get.