Thanks for posting the video of Mat Lalonde’s lecture from the AHS.  As a member of the scientific research community, it was refreshing listening to arguments for and against the numerous “Paleo-isms” that the CrossFit community likes to preach to promote this style of eating.  However, as a trainer of CrossFit and a CrossFit Football Certification graduate, I am curious to know whether your views on nutrition have changed and/or evolved.  Would you revise any of the slides in the nutrition section from the CF Football notes?   

I have one recommendation request.  I am a big fan of dairy and was wondering what brand of milk you recommend. 


Phil Oh


Yes, I have redone the slides for the CrossFit Football trainer seminar to reflect the “evolution” of my thinking. Due to an overactive brain blended with some lazy, I have yet to submit them. But thanks for reminding me because those slides were done 2 years ago and things have definitely changed.

And you are sending me a loaded question since you have attended a CFFB seminar you know my presentation on nutrition is much different than my hand out. If you search for my blog post on TalkToMeJohnnie called Just Tell Me What To Eat you can catch up on my thoughts on nutrition. This thinking has evolved into the Power Athlete Diet. We have seen great results in the many athletes we have worked with.

The whole milk from Cadia is in my fridge right now. It is sourced from grass fed cows and pasteurized. My wife is pregnant with twins and she drinks a decent amount a day with whey from GF cows as the twins are making it hard to eat. I, myself, do not drink much milk these days, just when I knock back big handfuls of vitamins and occasionally with dinner. I am trying to shed some body mass for my knee rehab and milk tends to make me “thick.” When I was drinking milk, I enjoyed the raw whole milk from GF cows from Organic Pastures. The only problem is the the $7.99 price tag for a 1/2 gallon. Drinking it in large quantities can put a dent in your budget.

*The picture of a white tiger cub as no significance on this article. I just liked the look on his face. 

And for those of you who missed it, Dr. Robert Lustig spoke on Saturday on the effects of fructose.