I have been doing CrossfitFootball for over a year now and love it because as someone who is not very creative it tells me what to do everyday and has put me in the best shape of my life. I just graduated college and now that I don’t have a meal plan I am on my own at creating meals. I was wondering if there was any websites out there that took the same strategy you have with working out with nutrition. I am looking for something that tells me what to eat everyday and gives me recipes for an athlete and maybe even a grocery list for the week. If you know of anything similar to this it would be very helpful.

Edward M.

Edward – That is a great idea and when you find a website that can tell me exactly what I should eat each day complete with recipes, let me know!

Your question was interesting in that you asked for a “website that took the same strategy you have with working out with nutrition”. For a what to eat strategy look at the CrossFit Football website, we have some good information and a decent resource for what to eat and how much you should eat. I try to post good recipes that I use often and will start posting recipes and food pictures to the tab at the top of this page that says EAT.

I think if we can come up with some good recipes, complete with shopping lists, this might go along way to helping you figure what to eat.

Lastly, you are a college graduate and you need to start being pro-active with your nutrition and training. I wish there was an place I could point you and say “just eat this and follow this and everything will be cool”, but it is not that easy. However, let me see if I can simplify the prescription for you.

This is about as basic as I can make it a strategy for strength and good health…Eat meat, seafood, veggies, saturated and mono unsaturated fats, root veggies such as sweet potatoes and turnips, eggs, milk and cheese, limit fruit, nuts and seeds and avoid sugars, all grains and processed foods.

Books you should read include Di Pasquale’s The Metabolic Diet, Cordain’s The Paleo Diet, Michael Eades has some good books on protein and understanding your body. You need to start researching your diet by looking at sites like RobbWolf.com, Paleo Brands and the vast resources in the CrossFit community for the Paleolithic diet.

Remember nobody ever got strong eating out of a vending machine.